Tuesday, March 29, 2011

System Ulilities Software

CCleaner – system cleaner

xp-AntiSpy – OS setup

jv16 Powertools – system utilities

XP SysPad – system monitoring utility

What’s Running – process guard

Registrar Lite – registry editor

WinIPConfig – replacement for “ipconfig.exe” and “route.exe”

Unlocker – file eraser

Eraser – secure file eraser

Undelete Plus – file recovery

freeCommander – file manager

ExplorerXP – file manager

Duplicate File Finder – find all duplicate files

Ant Renamer – file renaming

ReNamer – file renaming

Icons From File – icos extractor

Chaos MD5 – MD5 generator

HashTab – MD5, SHA1 and CRC-32 file hashes

Rainlendar Lite – desktop calendar

Weather Watcher – weather firecast

Subtitle Workshop – subtitles editor

Ant Movie Catalog – movie organizer

Disclib – CD organizer

Dexpot – virtual desktops

DriveImage XML – create partition images

MozBackup – backup and restore bookmarks, etc.

SyncBack – system backup

Atomic Cock Sync – syncronize your clock

Citrus Alarm Clock – alarm clock

TaskSwitchXP – Alt-Tab replacement

Launchy – application launcher

allSnap – make all windows snap

Sysinternals Tools – various system tools

StrokeIt – mouse gestures

Net Profiles – create profiles of your network settings

ResourceHacker – view, modify, rename, add, delete

Java Runtime Environment – java for Windows


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