Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2012 Chevrolet Cruze Performance

Chevrolet Cruze Performance

1.8 liter mechanical heart sound sounds a bit harsh in the early rounds. However, softening with increase in engine speed. When driving at high speeds, the engine feels lighter in weight ditopangnya haul. Just bolt this car on speed 120 kpj, and compare it with the engine sound when the engine is accelerated in the early rounds. This makes Cruze ideal for long distance travel across the freeway. A typical American cars that are often long and deserted streets across the interstate.

Herein lies the advantage Cruze, which is headed calm and elegant, giving the feeling of comfort to the driver and other cabin penguni. With the Cruze, to travel so far out of town is not exhaustive. As for the matter of short-range acceleration, Autocar UK recorded the acquisition of sufficient time for the Cruze LT fantastic, that is 10.9 seconds for 0-100 kpj. The Cruze in Indonesia recorded a time of 13.9 seconds for a similar acceleration.

Meanwhile, in a credible form of overtaking another vehicle in the lane outside of town, or acceleration 60-120 kpj, Cruze gives a satisfactory performance. Play the accelerator pedal with a smooth and steady, then the car sped ahead with elegant when a large truck or bus. Performance like this can be obtained on full automatic transmission mode or even semi-automatic.

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