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New Generation Chevrolet Camaro 2013

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

Inside, the Camaro convertible features a simple yet purposeful interior that looks that reflects design elements inspired by the era of muscle cars, including the first-generation Camaro. A new, light-dark color and enhances the airy feel of the convertible, particularly when the top is lowered.
The seats fronts' feature platinum-tone leather surrounding suede-like Alcantara ® inserts, with black, sculpted seatbacks. The use of light color only on the sitting surface recalls the vintage houndstooth interiors, while a matching, tri-coat platinum paint is used to accent the door panels and instrument panel, giving a modern, bold feel to the ' inside.
"The light-on-dark interior makes a strong statement that conveys the spirit of freedom and fun that is embodied by a Camaro convertible," said Micah Jones, interior designer.
Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro
Like the Camaro coupe concept, the convertible concept features an instrument panel inspired by first-generation Camaros (1967 - 1969), including an intricate "round-pointers-in-square-holes" design. The gauges have a deep three-dimensional appearance, with white and red pointers. "The instrument panel - including the four auxiliary gauges mounted in front of the shifter - pays homage to first-generation Camaros, while achieving a modern appearance through its refined integration of components," said Jones.
Craftsmanship and attention to detail are evidenced throughout the interior, including the smoke satin aluminum finish on trim plates, vents, seat handles and safety belt buckles. The shifter and pedals are made of billet aluminum. The steering wheel has a detailed, deep-dish three-spoke and the front seats are hinged at the center - rather than the sides - for better integration. A separate ignition button is used to start the engine and the speedometer and tachometer needles complete full-sweep indexing when the engine growls to life.
One reason to "plug" through the center of the vehicle and on the seatbacks, including a prominent center console that extends to the back seat. The spine reinforces the symmetry of the Camaro convertible, as well as its accuracy.
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The original Camaro was introduced for the baby boom generation, a large group of young Americans, individualistic and mobile drove fundamental changes in the automotive industry. The Camaro was personal, sporty and powerful - attributes that are typically found on more

expensive, smaller and, often, foreign sports cars. The Camaro represented a real sports car in size has been reached for almost everyone.An almost endless list of optional features, colors and trim combinations ensured owners could tailor their Camaro to their exact taste.
How Boomers transition towards larger vehicles to accommodate growing families, younger drivers embraced used Camaros as their first car, and the third and fourth generation of the Camaro continued to deliver affordable fun and performance to a new generation of fans. In fact, hundreds of thousands of owners of all walks of life have found driving fun in a Camaro in the last 40 years.
The new Camaro concepts draw on their namesakes heritage ', but also global, youthful influences of the 21 st century. These influences are seen in bold proportions Camaro convertible concept car, worn wheels and bodywork and interior detailed report - including the multi-dimensional instruments. It 'a design that resonates with a generation of younger car buyers influenced by highly stylized "tuner" cars and import sports cars.
"Younger buyers want a car that makes a statement in design as well as its performance," said Brian Smith, exterior designer. "The new Camaro concepts bridge heritage with contemporary style, with a design that is simultaneously admired among import-influenced youth and traditional enthusiasts."
Along with style and performance, the timeless spirit of fun is woven into the new Camaro concepts.

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