Thursday, February 10, 2011

BMW GINA, Cars Future Super Cool!

BMW Group Design introduced the GINA Light Visionary Model, a concept car that will influence the future development of the car to the front.

BMW GINA is a car that can change shapes. GINA also brings new ways in terms of patterns of automobiles, materials and flexibility. GINA positioned to describe the shape and future Functionality car that represents your personality and lifestyle.

Change shape as what is BMW? In normal times, when the headlight is off, the lights will be hidden behind the cover. When the lamp cover is opened and the lights turned on, the contours of the front will change.

The design is taken from the Z-series, 2 seater. Bodynya collection of structures made of metal wires are wrapped with carbon on the outside. At certain speeds, the rear spoiler can be raised by elastic. They call it height-adjustable rear spoiler.

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