Friday, February 4, 2011

Citroen C-Buggy off-road concept car

Citroen will use the Madrid International Motor Show later this month to unveil a car adventurously styled C-Buggy off-road konsep.Sebuah derived from the concept of C-Airplay, C-Buggy is Citroen's futuristic interpretation of the two-seater, go-anywhere car. Clearly designed for warmer climes, because there was no windshield, roof and windows, C-Buggy radiate charm while the wheel arches gaily wide, big wheels, glass door portholes and guide even the guards in the off-road credentials.

The wraps will also come from the brand new Citroen 173BHP HDi diesel engine in Madrid. Later this year drivers from Citroën C5 will be the first to experience the benefits of the latest generation powerplant perusahaan.Kemajuan including the fitment of parallel high performance turbo and new combustion and dual injection system which ensures the engine sets new standards in flexibility, driveability and fuel consumption.

Also on display will be Citroën C4 innovative system with a new 6-speed electronic gearbox that combines electro-hydraulic gearbox control for smooth, fast gear changing with automated gear and clutch management. This offers economic advantages and represents a real cost-conscious alternative to manual and automatic transmission.

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