Thursday, February 3, 2011

Corvette ZR1 Show more Sporty thanks D2Forged Velg

Opening in 2010 some time ago, Chevrolet introduced the Corvette ZR1 for model year 2010 with the latest technology from the Performance Traction Management (PTM). If the Corvette ZR1 just see how it looks already looks charming and attractive so no longer need the change or modif massive, but D2Forged make some adjustments for this car looks more attractive and more of the ordinary sports car one of them is to replace a set-fingered vleg fingers a lot so it looks more sporty. D2Forged is a specialist tuning company aftermarket alloy wheels, chrome-plated for the look of this car feels more sporty and aggressive and he pinned the four-wheel tuner without using spacers, or they call it with a hub-centric, and accept OEM TPMS sensors

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