Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flying Car Could Already Ordered

Sold Rp 1.9 M Starts Next Year
DREAM has become a reality. Yes, as we saw in science fiction films Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis. In the film we watch the cars fly milling about in between the buildings of skyscrapers. Starting in 2009, flying cars (flying car) named Transition TM already sold freely. This car has two capabilities, namely can fly and can walk on the highway. Carl Dietrich's work so that the car is more accurately called a driveable airplane.
A series of tests to finalize the concept is almost completed. Start stability test flight to test the resistance to gravity pressure when used on the highway, has been passed. Terrafugia Inc.. as the license holder, has been pocketing the permission of the two transportation agencies in the U.S., namely from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for permission to fly and from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for permission to walk on land. Terrafugia Transition Experiment final phase will be conducted early next year, before they are sold freely. While its release into the free market, carried out late 2009. Reportedly, the price will be set for each unit of the flying car is around 194 thousand dollars, or approximately USD 1.9 billion. Enthusiasts can order it from now on.
In principle, Terrafugia Transition is a small airplane with four wheels, which keeempat wings can be folded. So, after the airing, the driver can immediately took him off the road and direct parking in the garage.
But this car is considered still not perfect, especially if trapped dense traffic. Because Transition does not have a jet engine or booster catapult to take off vertically. As the nature of the aircraft in general, Transition is a miniature aircraft that require runway to take off. TM Transition wing will open when flying and wings can be folded when it becomes an ordinary car so it can be stored in a car garage. Cars that can be climbed by two people and capable of carrying cargo weighing 45 kg. Transition has a weight of 1320 lbs (598, 7 kg) and capable of flying at a maximum speed of 130 mph at an altitude of 1,500 feet (457 meters).
Actually there are more flying car concept developed by Paul Moller in California. Flying cars (skycar) design Moller able to take off and land vertically or vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL). VTOL model was also developed by Israel's Urban Aeronautics Ltd. with MACRO Industries in Alabama, namely SkyRider X2R.
Cars fly other types are made by Milner Motors AirCar, as has been exhibited at the "108th New York International Show" at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. The back of the AirCar has giant wings. Within seconds, the long wing can be folded and shaped box cover two propellers in the rear.
AirCar can fly as high as 25 thousand feet (7620 meters) at speeds up to 200 miles (321.8 km) per hour. In addition to diesel engine-powered 40 horsepower engine, AirCar has two propeller propulsion machinery double measuring 28 inches.
Flying car weighing 1.5 tons it has the ability to cruise 1609 miles. The driver (or pilot) using a traditional steering wheel, like on the car. The price of this car is more expensive than TransitionTM, which reached 250 thousand pounds, or approximately USD 4.5 billion, and began to be marketed beginning in 2010.
Well, for those of you who have long dreamed to have a private plane, maybe can start saving from now so that in due course, a flying car could be perched on your car garage. Oh yes, do not forget to take care of driver's license and a license to fly at once. ( / viv)

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