Friday, February 4, 2011

G Power X6 Typhoon RS

With 900 HP and a top speed over 330 km / h, G Power to build the world's fastest SUV through a limited edition BMW X6 M are only 5 units. With the V10 configuration X6 Typhoon RS G POWER once again presents a car that can only be described with superlatives. X6 M standard with twin turbo engine that has been supported by the impressive power unit, but the standard engine BMW has not been able to evoke emotion in the same manner as in the machine M POWER. For this reason the G POWER engineers decided to adapt them to M X6 with a breath taking performance of Formula 1 technology. A powertrain / engine of the right and in accordance with the philosophy of G POWER is at about the speed. A high-revving engine with throttle response, immediately showed his character by 5.0 l V10 engine power unit produced M GmbH

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