Friday, February 11, 2011

Flying Car! Moller Skycar M400

Flying Car, not a dream!

True it is real, this is no longer khayalan.Mobil named Moller Skycar M400.Asal origin flying car was started in 1962, when Dr. Moller creator make this type of car with HM-2 model 6:1 scale. keudian two years he conducted research in the garage, he began to build the airframe construction nya.Tahun 1965 Dr. Moller started giving prototype plane body with 2 cycles of McCulloch, and handed the machine HM2.Banyak occurred experiment from the year 1966 to 1983 to improve the flying car ini.Pada 1989, Dr. Moller finally managed to almost complete this car, and starting from that year, he always berusaaha to get investors who dare membayarnya.Hingga finally in 2008 was Dr. Moller has dared to publish his flying car, although perhaps not yet in production komersil.Setelah several decades to work, and spend about 75 million dollars in this car at say 700 horse-powered Weighing just 2400 lbs KetinggianTerbang 6000 FPM With speeds of 300 miles per hour or about 600km / Although at the car, but car makers are already anticipating that only having the sim flies are allowed to drive this car.

So whether you've prepared this car?

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