Thursday, September 22, 2011

Detail Inside the Hyundai H1

Inside the Hyundai H1, the woven cloth seats are beautifully crafted and supportive. Certainly to look at, and to sit in, the seats are pleasing and certainly mould to the shape of your body with remarkable ease. And as a driver of the van, you will appreciate the height adjustable driver’s seat and the fold down arm rest - the front passenger will also enjoy the arm rest comfort too. The pleasant two-tone interior boasts powered windows in the front, and a grunty 4 speaker sound system with MP3 playing capacity - which will be a welcome luxury item for those riding in the roomy and comfortable Hyundai H1. Also provided in the Hyundai H1 is an auxiliary input jack. The air-conditioning system comes with a pollen filter and works very well to keep the temperature inside the big van a snug and relaxing temperature. If you are one who has to put up with all those little odds and ends that inevitably find their way into a motor vehicle, you will be pleased to know that the Hyundai H1 is blessed with many practically placed storage compartments for both the front and rear occupants.
While the features of the XG type includes single one color, new color choices, from alloy wheels with new design, roof-mounted LCD, global positioning system (GPS), wood grain panels, xenon headlights, front spoiler equipped with rear view camera, din head unit and two new.While that is in the same type as the type of Elegance XG only reduced roof-mounted LCD, GPS, wood grain panels, xenon headlights, and front spolier with rear view camera. When compared with other similar MPV, the price of the Features of H-1 is quite luxurious.Jongkie added, the price of H-1 is likely to continue to grow competitively in line with increasing local content in the car. Currently, the H1 has used a number of local components of about 20 percent and will continue to be improved to reach 40 percent.

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