Thursday, September 15, 2011

The multi-talented Kawasaki KLX140 features

The Fun, Friendly, Multi-talented Dirt Companion

The multi-talented KLX140 features an easy-to-handle size that will delight newer riders, while its engine provides a steady flow of power that both new and seasoned riders can enjoy. Riders of all stripes will find something to love about this compact dirt bike, whether it’s the straightforward push-button starting, or its slightly larger than a “pit” bike size. Cracking a smile will be inevitable, no matter a rider’s level of experience.
Describing the KLX140 in one term is easy: multi-talented. And with its mid-sized stature, flexible engine and easy-to-ride nature, Kawasaki’s 2012 KLX140 is the kind of versatile machine that can fit a variety of riders. Smaller riders will love the KLX’s physical size – a touch larger than a typical minibike – and push-button starting, while those a bit taller will appreciate the larger-wheeled KLX140L, which features a 19” front and 16” rear wheel in place of the standard KLX’s 17” front and 14” rear wheels. Both 140s are friendly to beginners and novices, yet both offer a roomy cockpit and enough performance and handling prowess to keep more advanced riders smiling.

Bringing the KLX to life is as simple as pressing the power switch and thumbing the start button. The power switch includes an internal LED to remind riders when the ignition is on, and preventing dead batteries. The powerful 144cc engine is easy to manage via a manual clutch and a five-speed, close ratio transmission. And a progressive clutch means that younger and beginning riders can more easily get the hang of shifting and clutch use; its progressive nature also means half-clutch can be used at extremely low speeds. The clutch also offers a more direct feel and more durability.

The KLX’s high-revving, smooth and surprisingly quiet engine is wrapped in a high-tensile steel perimeter frame covered by KX™-like shrouds, a two-tone seat cover and sharp, aggressive body work. The 140’s roomy cockpit, overall control layout and narrow footpeg/frame relationship – including wide and comfortable footpegs – make it easy for riders to move around while aboard with a minimum of effort.

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