Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Features for 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

New Features for 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R :

-Four-Cylinder, DOHC 998cc Engine
* Oil is routed through channels milled into the cases on various parts of the engine, eliminating external oil lines and reducing weight
* Lightweight crankshaft maintains the same inertial moment as a heavier design but saves about two pounds compared to a conventional crank
* Very compact, narrow and lightweight design makes it possible to position the engine perfectly within the chassis for optimal weight distribution
* One-piece upper crankcase and cylinder casting saves weight and offers maximum rigidity
* Specially designed internal fins on the liquid-cooled, aluminum oil cooler promote high-efficiency heat dissipation
* Stacked, triangular layout of crank axis, input shaft and output shaft reduces engine length and aids mass centralization for quick handling
* Water pump uses the same type impeller as the ZX-14, with pump rpm optimized for reduced friction
* A lightweight Denso radiator with tightly packed cores provides the most efficient engine cooling possible
* Low friction oil pump reduction ratio reduces parasitic power loss 

* Refinements to the shift ratchet assembly, shifting arm, return spring and collar result in reduced friction and less movement at the shift shaft pivot, for improved shifting feel and more positive gear changes
* Slightly longer throttle cables inside a plastic throttle housing provide improved throttle action for even greater control
* A new, embossed metallic gray coating on the muffler complements the new bodywork
* A new, 18-position Öhlins steering damper uses additional spring and oil pistons for improved action; titanium color and a laser-etched logo enhance the bike's appearance
* Aggressive new styling of the upper, side and center fairings and cockpit inner covers enhances aerodynamic efficiency and appearance

-Fuel Injection
* Oval cross-sectioned throttle bodies allow very precise throttle control and instant response
* Secondary fuel injectors improve top-end power output and power characteristics at high rpm. Lower injectors are always on, upper injectors come on as needed according to degree of throttle opening and engine rpm

-Cylinder Head
* Intake and exhaust valves are titanium for reduced reciprocating weight and higher rpm capabilities
* High-lift camshafts are designed to deliver more power at high rpm and make it easier to tune the engine for racing
* Exhaust ports that are narrower at the midpoint and larger at the opening promote high exhaust velocity and efficient scavenging
* Intake ports, exhaust ports and matched combustion chambers are designed for optimum flow efficiency and high top-end power

* A four-way adjustable rear shock features dual (low- and high-speed) compression damping as well as rebound damping and spring preload adjustment - allowing the fine tuning required for racing
* Bottom-mounted springs are completely submerged in oil for reduced frothing, improved damping performance, superior fork action and road-following ability
* Kawasaki Genuine Accessory shims are available for quick rear ride height changes at the track
* DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) fork tube coating on the fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork sliders improves fork action by providing reduced friction, smoother action and better road holding

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