Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Specs

The engineers in Maranello relied on their extensive F1 and track experience to completely redesign the 458 Italia human machine interface, providing a truly ergonomic, driver-oriented cockpit with the aim to have a machine becoming the natural extension of the driver's body and hands. In the Ferrari 458 Italia all the vehicle main controls are now clustered directly on the steering wheel, while secondary functions are set in two satellite pods on either side of the dash. The panel ahead of the driver includes comprehensive instrument display screens which enable the driver to fully concentrate on driving and thus representing another important safety component.

The elimination of the steering column mounted stalks and the clustering of the main controls on the steering wheel allow the driver to make all the adjustments or gearshifts with his/her hands firmly on the rim. This is yet another example of a track-derived feature boasted by the 458 Italia which ensures the car to achieve maximum performances under all driving conditions. The F1 gear-shift paddles are now more functional and ergonomic as they increase in size and are also independent from steering wheel activities, making them easier and more comfortable to use.
Entirely in aluminum, the 458 Italia Spider hard-top implies several advantages over the traditional folding soft-top, such as a 25kg weight reduction and a deployment time of just 14 seconds. Fully integrated into the styling of the car, the hard-top fits ahead of the engine bay without compromising aerodynamics or the performance of the car. The reduced space needed to house the roof enables the car to offer an exceptional internal storage space: the new 458 Italia spider features in fact a rear bench that can hold a bespoke set of luggage or a golf carry bag.

458 Italia Spider Specs
Length 178.2 in
Width 76.3 in
Height 47.7 in
Wheelbase 104.3 in
Dry Weight 3,153 lbs*
weight/Power Ratio 7.42 lbs/kW
Weight Distribution 42% Front / 58% Rear

* With forged wheels and Racing seats
Type V8 - 90°
Displacement 4499 cc (274.5 cu in.)
Max Power 570 HP (425 kW)** @ 9,000 rpm
Max Torque 540 Nm (398 lbs/ft) @ 6,000 rpm
Specific Power Output 127 CV/l
Compression Ratio 12.5:1
** Including 5 HP of ram effect

Front 235/35 ZR20 8.5"
Rear 295/35 10.5"

Maximum Speed 198 mph
0-62 mph <3.4s Fuel Consumption & Emissions Fuel Consumption*** 11.81/100 Km Emissions *** 275 g CO2/Km

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