Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque MSRP: $43,145 - $44,145

The interior, which is strictly four-seat, is lavishly furnished. Optional spec even runs to soft stitched leather to gift-wrap the dash and door casings. The visible metallic surfaces are actual metal, and the ambient lighting keeps up with the class leaders on perceived quality. The flavor of the LRX's cabin has come through, though the design is more practical. It is ever thus with concepts heading for production: The interior is always the part that's watered down the most.

The electrical architecture is shared with Jaguar Land Rover's top-end models, which brings the option of the 8-inch dualview center screen. It uses polarization to allow the driver to see one image - trip computer or navigation -- while the passenger sees another, such as a DVD movie. A 1200-watt, 17-speaker stereo system also is on the options list. Driver aids include self-parking (enabled by the electric PAS) and surround cameras.

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